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Life Moments
November 2002: Nancy Price and Betsy Bailey (formerly Betsy Gartrell-Judd) worked together for over four years before they actually met. Their meeting was captured as it happened for Life Moments, a show produced by Paramount Television and distributed nationwide. Air date: 11/27/02 (15-minute segment)

ePregnancy magazine: In Real Life
Nancy & Betsy’s account of their meeting

Chicago Tribune
June 2002: “Myria Media has expanded to include GeoParent.com, ePregnancy.com, a new ePregnancy print magazine and more than 300 online communities…”
Myria Media sites in the Chicago Tribune

May 2002: “The early days with a newborn are precious and remarkable and yet go by so fast. It’s almost like you’re on your own little planet. And that’s how it should be… You’re falling in love with your baby. Don’t let anyone else get in the way of that beautiful bond.”
Nancy Price interviewed in the Chicago Tribune

Oakland Tribune
“Now, in a reversal of what we know as online business, an extremely successful online magazine, or’zine, will publish its first hard copy in July… The magazine, ePregnancy, was the brain child of Nancy Price of Walnut Creek and Betsy Gartrell-Judd of Chillicothe, Ohio. They’ve been producing the monthly’zine, which attracts more than half a million unique users every month, on the Web for the last three years.”
Founder Nancy Price interviewed in the Oakland Tribune (California)

NBC’s Home Page TV show
“Are you pregnant? There are lots of sites you’ll want to know about to help you get ready for the big day. Here are some of my favorites…”
ePregnancy on NBC’s Home Page TV program

The Wall Street Journal
“Even if you’re not a Mom yet, those planning to join the no-sleep-and-stroller set will get some tips at ePregnancy.com…”
ePregnancy review in The Wall Street Journal, May 2000

“Check out these Redbook road-tested, mom-friendly Web sites whenever you need to share your frustrations with other equally stressed women…”

Access magazine
Rated with four out of four stars… “ePregnancy has a lot of information for mothers-to-be. Type in your due date for daily, personalized updates each time you visit the site so you’ll know what to expect for yourself and the baby. Resources include message boards, baby-name finders, and safety information on cribs, car seats and baby toys.”

Writer’s Digest
We were twice honored to be named one of the “Best Places to Get Published Online” in Writer’s Digest! In 2000, Myria Media was number 8 on the list, and in 2001, we moved up to the number 7 spot.

Contra Costa Times
April 1999: Interview in the Contra Costa Times

More press
Family PC and the Los Angeles Times: “We asked our panel of Web site reviewers to rate the five most-visited sites — IVillage, Myria, Oxygen, Women.com and Womenconnect.com…”