Original press release dated July 11, 2002


ePregnancy Magazine Editors Create Successful Business Formula Living And Working 2,500 Miles Apart

PARK CITY, Utah, July 11, 2002 — Imagine being in business for nearly four years and never having met your partner.

Call it a business relationship made in heaven. Call it strategic allocation of human resources. Whatever you call it, Nancy Price and her partner Betsy Gartrell-Judd have seemingly found a successful formula for running www.ePregnancy.com not only 2,500 miles apart but also as work-at-home moms with seven children between them.

“People say we’re inseparable,” said Price, co-editor of the newly launched ePregnancy magazine published by Majestic Media. “They can’t tell us apart. We complete each other’s sentences, but the fact is Betsy and I have never met face-to-face.”

The duo are the founders of Myria Media, a collaboration started nearly four years ago after Price, who lives on the edge of Silicon Valley, and Gartrell-Judd, who lives in the middle of a cornfield in rural Ohio, met in an email discussion group for expectant mothers whose babies were due in March 1996.

Together, they have created one of the better success stories in Internet publishing with the online publications Myria.com, ePregnancy.com and GeoParent.com, each recognized as top Web site picks by the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Redbook, Family PC, L.A. Times, Washington Post, Yahoo and Netscape.

“A large part of our success comes from knowing who our audience is,” said Gartrell-Judd. “We are our audience. We didn’t need focus groups to tell us we wanted to read publications that appealed to our different roles — mothers, wives, individuals with goals and creative pursuits.

“Plus, Nancy and I have formed a close relationship despite living so far apart and having never met. That’s the power of the Internet — bringing people closer together. That’s what our Web sites do.”

Price and Gartrell-Judd have taken that successful formula to the print world with a spin-off of their popular ePregnancy.com Web site, which gets 500,000 unique visitors a month. Having written, designed and managed some of the leading pregnancy publications, they are the creative forces behind ePregnancy, the “everything pregnancy” magazine. ePregnancy explores such issues as fertility and preconception, fitness, nutrition, recipes, health, beauty and wellness, preparing for birth, postpartum, baby care and the styles and fashions dressing moms-to-be.

UPDATE: Nancy and Betsy met on September 25, 2002. The meeting was filmed by NBC television’s Life Moments, and should air in November.