These three print magazines were produced by Coincide Publishing (later SheKnows LLC) from 2004-2006. I served as Executive Editor and/or Managing Editor of these titles (though took my most active role in the creation of Cooking Smart).


Here were the introductory blurbs:

Diet & Fitness magazine: Don’t bother trying to diet until you know how to make eating and exercising work for you! Get all the information you need in Diet & Fitness, a brand-new dynamic guide to a healthy, active lifestyle for women. Find smart coverage in every issue on diet, food & nutrition (including over 30 delicious recipes in every issue!), fitness, health & wellness, beauty and fashion and other hot topics you want to know more about! Diet & Fitness magazine premieres in January 2006.

Cooking Smart magazine: With this new bimonthly print magazine, you can customize recipes for your particular diet! You will also find pull-out recipe cards to keep and share, detailed how-to features, savvy diet advice, valuable cooking tips, inspiring stories, helpful tools and planners and much more. Debuts January 2005.

Low Carb Energy magazine: With at least 50 delicious low-carb recipes in every issue, accurate and timely information from health experts, and the lowdown on the latest products out there, LowCarb Energy magazine is the ultimate guide for everyone participating in one of the world’s most popular lifestyles! On newsstands now.

Eventually, the print magazines went to web-only, and got folded into the site.